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Applied Marine Technology - AMT
Licensed, Insured, Investigative & Training Agency

The first nationally accredited and certified Airboat Operations Course by the U.S. Dept. of Defense and NASBLA.

Specializing in
  • Marine Collision Investigation
  • Accident Re-Construction
  • Recreational / Commercial
  • Forensic Experts
  • Environmental Management Specialists
  • Water Born Emergency Management Specialists
  • Scene Documentation
  • Airboat Operations
  • Airboat Rental Services
  • Global Positioning Systems
  • Security & Surveillance Services
  • Security Monitoring Systems
  • Case Verification
  • Am fib & Drones
  • Marine Safety
  • Certified Instructors
  • Marine Course Development
  • Tactical Watercraft Operations
  • Operator Certification Programs
  • Executive Support Services
  • Aerial Photography

About Applied Marine Technology

Applied Marine Technology is a Louisiana based licensed and Incorporated Company founded in 1988. The primary office and mailing location of the company is 540 Jackson Ave, Mandeville, La. 70448, three (3) blocks from the Lake Ponchatrain Shoreline. Applied Marine Technology, Inc. is held in Partnership by two principles, Mr. William H. "Bill" Dobson and Mr. Charles R. "Charlie" Clark who are Louisiana Residents, Honorably Discharged Veterans of the U.S. Military and Retired Louisiana Law Enforcement Officers.

Applied Marine Technology is listed with the Louisiana Secretary of State as a General Investigative Agency license #4303-110999LA. It should be noted that Applied Marine Technology is a Louisiana License Agency and as such is recognized and allowed to practice under the same authority throughout the Gulf Coast States., through reciprocity.

The company (A.M.T.) is listed on the Federal Vendors List as a Diverse Investigative Agency specializing in services on and around the Marine Environment including, Marine Accident Investigation, Marine Safety, Marine Safety Course Development, Tactical Watercraft Operations Instruction and Airboat Operation. The company (A.M.T.) possesses a Federal Duns#19-817-3205 and the Federal C.C.R. # of R4E6ZT. In addition to the listed services provided to Local, State and Federal Agencies, A.M.T. does, on a routine basis, serve clients as fact finders in a wide range of applications.

Day - to - day operations within the company are accomplished with a normal workforce of 27 persons including, the two principals, 20 field investigators, 5 internal auditors, an office manager/paralegal, and 5 administrative clerks. The company has an extended workforce capability proportionate to the assigned task by utilizing partnerships and identified sub-contractors who possess skills and recognized experience, training and/or knowledge unique to the needs at hand. Examples of our extended workforce are routinely demonstrated while conducting training sessions for the Government and conducting multiple investigations simultaneously where - in A.M.T. has temporarily employed over 40 persons conjointly to accomplish our expected goals. Applied Marine Technology routinely employs professional videographers, graphic artist, marine architects/engineers and laboratory technicians to qualify or demonstrate investigative findings.

All field investigators hired or contracted to Applied Marine Technology have retired from Federal, State or Local Law Enforcement Agencies and are persons of impeccable background and character. Each of our Investigators are routinely required to submit to drug/alcohol testing, criminal history review, driving record discovery, personal wealth/salary disclosure and health examinations. Serving as expert witnesses in state and federal courts requires full disclosure and examination of one's personal and professional lives for which each of our principals and employees have stood the test of time. Our Investigators, along with the work product are subjected to client and/or court imposed deadlines and methodology standards that have zero tolerance for delays or misapplication.

Applied Marine Technology has historically been called upon to deliver a wide range of final work products. Most of our clients enter a contractual agreement defining a broad purpose and allow investigative findings to drive the conclusion of the agreement. A typical marine case involves an initial gathering of information through official records, reports or photographs, interviewing of witnesses or extraction of witness information from deposition, interrogatories or court documents, visitation and documentation of a scene and/or vessel's inspection. In its simplistic form a report of findings and expert opinions regarding cause is assembled and supported by science, evidence, testing and/or the Investigators training, knowledge and experience . The Company generally produces work products for an average of 15 - 42 marine cases per year and will conduct an average of 4 - 8 training sessions for Government Employees. Investigative cases accepted by A.M.T. are approximately of 50/50 percentage defendant/plaintiff and are geographically located throughout the United States. Presently we have cases in nine (9) States.

The Investigators of A.M.T. are very mobile and self sufficient in conducting the business of the company. They are properly equipped and experienced in rural and marine travel and comfortable and confident around fisher persons or hunters, recreational/commercial marine issues and the environments they conduct business in.

The employees of Applied Marine Technology, with one exception, are all retired Law Enforcement Officers with either the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries or the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The employees have vast experience in flood and hurricane response and recovery. Without exception, each of these Officers has served in command positions along the coastal areas of Louisiana.

Each of the Investigators has held Deputy National Marine Fisheries Agents Commissions and recognizes the difference between Federal and State Regulations and the affiliated fisheries and equipment associated with each.

All of the Applied Marine Technology Investigators are very comfortable around marine vessels and their associated equipment. As Wildlife and Fisheries Officers we have all developed professional relationships within all of the Southeastern States Game and Fish Departments and have mutual active and retired friends of the profession associated with all the coastal states of the Gulf of Mexico. As an Investigation Agency we have used and can retain professional translators to overcome any language barriers we encounter and often call upon the Catholic Church to supply Vietnamese representatives located within the specific area of need.

As retired Fish and Wildlife Agents, each of our Investigators are well adaptive to communicate with the entire socioeconomic strata involved within recreational and commercial fishing, hunting and boating/marine activities. Our company prides itself as an experienced team of professionals who conduct business while portraying a courteous demeanor with a keen investigative mindset. Our deliverable to the client is our primary objective and each report/case is managed within the company by an Office Manager/Paralegal and prepared for the client. Quality control and final presentation of all material produced through the company is the responsibility of the two principals, Mr. Dobson and Mr. Clark, who represent the Company as court certified experts in expressing the findings or opinions regarding the company's final work products.

As a Company we are completely dedicated to the fulfillment of any scope of work for which we have committed. The principals of A.M.T. have a lifelong professional record of assembling, training and commanding a workforce to achieve a designed outcome. Both, Mr. Dobson and Mr. Clark have and continue to direct programs that require resourceful action with accurate outcomes. Combined, the principals of A.M.T. have conducted hundreds of criminal and civil investigations involving wildlife, fisheries and/or boating incidents and have supervised thousands of these same type investigations.

Charles R. Clark
Vice President & Operations Chief
     William H. "Bill" Dobson, LPI
President & C.E.O.


NASBLA - National Association of State Boating Law Administrators SSBLAA - Southern States Boating Law Administrators Association


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